Which Asian Porn is better – Japanese vs. Korean

One of the things debates teach us is that people generally have their own opinions. In fact, it is based on our differences that folks feel one way or the other about something. Take Asian porn as a prime example. There are a large number of individuals that love Asian pornography. They adore seeing videos of women from that region engaged in sexual activities. All of them do so with good reason since Asian females are regarded as the most beautiful, sensuous and titillating in the world. But once you begin to dig in deeper into the matter, things get complicated.

This tends to happen when certain individuals argue that Japanese pornography is much better than Korean. On the other hand, those fascinated by Korean female smut tend to lean the other way. Who is right, and which one is better of the two? In truth, that will largely depend on whom you ask since it is all about preference. When you think about it, it should never be a real debate. After all, most people find it very hard to discern Japanese girls from those who are of Korean descent. Surveys done on that matter found that it is mostly those who lived in Asian countries the ones that are able to tell them apart.

Still, that doesn’t take into account a person who may be obsessed with Asian adult content or a person who is an expert in such things. In all likelihood, someone who falls into those categories might very well be able to tell a Korean female from a Japanese one. A great way to make a better assessment on the argument is by looking at porn statistics. One can come to that conclusion by studying the data from some of the most visited adult sites in the world. For instance, Pornhub is regarded as one of the best adult sites in the USA and the world. In part, it is because the site receives more than 87 million visitors each month.

According to their user analytics, both Japanese and Korean porn ranked very high. Folks worldwide spent hours looking at all types of Japanese sex videos. Others watched tons of smut featuring sexy and horny Korean chicks. However, once you begin to dig further into those stats, people get a clearer picture. For decades, Asian porn was among the top ten most viewed genres. This all changed the past few years when Japanese climbed above it. In fact, Japanese smut was ranked number eight overall while Asian porno fell to 14th place. Furthermore, Korean porn – as a lone genre – did not manage to make the top 20.

A lot of folks believe that part of the reason for the interest in Japanese pornography is due to the hentai factor. Hentai is a form of Japanese porno, since that it is where it originated from. It is also where most of it is currently created. While hentai consists of animated sexually graphic images, it still has a wide following. So much so that it is only second to lesbian porn which, in 2017, ranked number one overall. That means hentai actually beat out Japanese, Asian and Korean porno respectively.

Nonetheless, this doesn’t mean much to those who love Korean porn videos. Nor does it signify anything to folks who love Japanese or any other type of smut. Inevitably, people will look at what turns them on the most, no matter what someone else thinks or stats may say. What it does imply is that even in pornography, what one ultimately finds sexually arousing is in the eye of the beholder.