Do you believe what you read on the internet, especially on porn sites? If you do, then you have most certainly read that Asian women have the tightest and most desirable vaginas. Contrary to popular belief, there is no relation between race and vaginal size. Despite the lack of research on vaginal anatomy, the majority of scientists agree that the average vagina is 62.7mm.

            Why does society believe that there is a relationship between race and vaginal size? The view that Asian women have little vaginas is derived from stereotypes associated with Asian women. The main assumption being they are small and petite and thus meaning that Asians have a tighter vagina. When the majority of the population, refer to tightness, they envision that the smaller the tunnel, the more friction there would be for the penis during sex. This inevitable friction/squeeze would undoubtedly offer more pleasure.

 What larger is to penises, tightness is to vaginas. Society would have you believe that penis size can be supplemented at home with vitamins and pumps. Vagina elasticity is targeted with Kegels, vaginal weights, and even creams. There is a constant acceleration of apps, classes, and tools focussed on making vaginal muscles tighter by making them stronger. All these tightening tactics are rather ineffective. They lead to a hunt for the unattainable.

The truth is there are no two vaginas in the world that look the same, smell the same, or feel the same. Each one is unique. A vagina changes when something is inserted. This is because it is designed to be flexible just like your mouth.  It can accommodate a large object but when the mass is taken out, it will return to its previous collapsed state. It is a popular belief that virgins are the holy grail of tightness, that losing one’s virginity loosens one’s pussy for all time, that frequent sex makes you looser, and that childbirth loosens the vagina more drastically and maybe irreversibly. The vagina actually expands and shrinks. It stretches and has elasticity. Vaginas generally do not “deform” or “loosen up” from sexual promiscuity either.

 The myth that Asians are actually tighter than others is busted. Don’t believe everything you read on the internet or porn sites. Discover for yourself that tightness can be found anywhere.