London is a major international destination with a diverse history and culture. As the capital of the United Kingdom, it’s also home to a varied and diverse population. Members of the LGBT community enjoy most of the rights everybody else has. When it comes to dating shemales in London, you’d be happy to know there are lots of places you can go to. People in London are generally quite open and accepting, and discrimination is much rarer than in other big cities. LGBT dating is not only tolerated but also welcomed.

Are you a fan of palaces and castles? As the hub of British royalty, the city has beautiful attractions like the Windsor Castle and Kensington Palace. These landmarks are great places to explore with your date.

The city abounds with unusual cultural and historical tours. These include a night bus tour where you can see the city by night in all its glory and the Warner Bros. Studio tour, giving a glimpse of the real-life magic behind the Harry Potter film series.

The list of tourist hot spots is practically endless for couples who aren’t from this iconic city. You can see it from a bird’s eye view from the London Eye. Those who are familiar with most of the popular places would find it a better option to visit typically local spots. Why not take a food tour of Borough Market? There’s nothing like food to unite people. This market has delicious local staples as well as some exotic delicacies from abroad. The sounds, sights, and smells will make you and your trans date fall in love with each other and with London.

If you and/or your date like theater and musicals, there are a lot to choose from. Make sure you book tickets for the play or musical of your choice in advance. Broadway isn’t the be-all and end-all of theater. Every theater fan will find musicals like Wicked an absolute must. Thankfully, there is something for every taste at the West End Theater. We wish you a great time with your trans partner in London!