Even before the pandemic, dating in Los Angeles was challenging enough. Those who avoided app-based and online dating are being compelled to rethink their decision and try it out, often going on virtual first dates via FaceTime, Skype, and Zoom. In other words: if picking up girls in Los Angeles is what you want, your search will have to start online. People are forced to use dating apps now that they can’t go pretty much anywhere. 

Some women are actually happy about this new trend. They say they’re meeting people they normally wouldn’t have. One frequent complaint girls in LA have about apps is that some men act like children in a candy store with so many female profiles to choose from. Either way, the best approach is to FaceTime or Skype someone you are interested in after chatting as a next step. You win some, you lose some. One woman talked to someone who claimed to be a major film producer, but Zoom showed that he lived in a tiny, badly furnished studio apartment with too many pets.

Dating apps have never been as popular as they are in our days of lockdown. Virtual dating offers a much-needed opportunity to connect with someone, especially if you’re quarantining alone. It’s worth a shot – you have nothing to lose.

Companies aren’t missing out on the opportunity to improve their offerings. For example, OKCupid have added tens of “filter” questions that involve digital dating. One of these prevents you from matching with a user, whose political views are opposed to yours.

Eventually, you may decide to meet your virtual date IRL. Weather permitting, some of the most memorable dates in the City of Angels are when you’re out and about. Here are some ideas.

Take them on a picnic to Pan Pacific Park, go for a walk through the Venice canals, take a great photo op by the Hollywood sign after a hike there, spend a morning or breezy afternoon in Exposition Park’s Rose Garden, or explore the relaxing Descanso Gardens. It’s wise to keep a certain distance from your promising new date as lockdown goes on, which will certainly require some effort on your part. However, many Angelenos say the current state of affairs has some advantages for them. Some people say they’re having a great time getting to know potential partners without committing to a real-life encounter at an entertainment venue. Admittedly, there are few things worse than blowing $50 on a meal with someone you end up hating.