Japanese pornography is without a doubt the most prevalent variety of Asian porn out there. It is so prominent that it has its own category on a majority of every Western porn site. There are multiple unique Japanese sub-genres. Examples of these are Bukkake, Gokkun, Omorashi, and tentacle erotica. Japanese porn is well known for the high-pitched, over the top moaning and crying from adult female performers. Although this may be baffling to Western audiences, it is expected for who it is intended for, Japanese men.

Porn can be a portal to people’s sexual desires. In Japan, that fantasy frequently involves women. These women are expected to appear innocent, and childlike. Another expected trait is for them to seem overly submissive or forced into submission. Sounding the part is only half the fantasy.  Adult female performers are selected, clothed and made to resemble their role.

The high-pitched moans spontaneously make the adult female performer sound more like a young innocent “schoolgirl”. This plays on a popular fantasy.  There is high demand in Japanese culture for the dominating and deflowering of female purity by a commanding man.  The concept that producers in the Japanese adult film industry appear to promote is for the porn actresses to portray they are denying sex but actually desiring it.

It is a tradition in Japanese culture for women to be submissive. This is a cultural trend that over time has blended into Western society. This perception helps to stimulate the rise of Asian stereotypes in the world. There is primarily a powerful dominant man and a virtuous, submissive and obedient wife.

This defines why the common theme in Japanese porn is for the actress to be portrayed as bashful and hesitant. This causes the male performer to demonstrate force or power to subdue her. The girl’s visible reluctance supplemented with shrieks and cries becomes satisfying to a specific audience. Thus, the moaning sobs, angelic squeals, and painful whines contribute to the fantasy of machismo. This evolves from the idea that a man is inflicting so much pleasure resulting in unbearable pain on his playmate.

It is true that the majority of modern Japanese society has left behind this way of thinkin. Porn, along with various forms of entertainment, continue to use this viewpoint for audiences who still desire this fantasy. If you desire this type of fantasy, then Asian porn will satisfy your urges.